Swimming Federation Corporate Website


Customer: Uzbek Swimming Federation is a government body specialized in the regulation and management of water sports activities. Project: Informational and corporate website of the swimming federation. A modern and dynamic calendar of sporting events. Videos, photos and audio materials with special effects. News feed, organizational architecture, administrative staff cards, as well as a dynamic roster [...]

Eco Standard Expert Corporate Website


Customer: Ekostandart Ekspert is a company to implement environmental projects to assess the environmental impact of various economic activities, the regulation of emissions, discharges and waste generation. Project: The main objective of the resource is to ensure the quality presence of Ecostandart Ltd. in the web space for marketing, communication and analytical tasks: Reaching target audiences; [...]

Kibera Technology Corporate Website


Customer: Kibera Technology LLC is an IT company, which specializes in the delivery of ICT services. The company offers a full range of IT solutions for individuals and corporate clients. Project: Informational-corporate website of the IT company. Presented services, producs, areas of expertise and the team. There are also pages about the company, media gallery, [...]

Medlans Medical Center Corporate Website


Customer: Private medical clinic Medlans LLC. MEDLANS is one of the first and most advanced medical institutions in the private healthcare sector of our republic. Project: Information-corporate website of the medical clinic. Presented services, departments, directions and staff of the clinic. And also there are pages about the clinic, media gallery, contact information and feedback form, google [...]

Toshkent Haqiqati Gazetasi Corporate Website


Customer: Editorial office of the newspapers "Toshkent haqiqati" and "Ташкентская правда". Government mass media organization. Project: News-corporate website of the newspaper office. Articles of newspapers are posted by assigning each one to a specific newspaper issue. The classification is based on the issues of newspapers, as well as on various categories. Navigation is through the [...]

Mahadev Marmo Tashkent Corporate Website


Customer: The company "MAHADEV MARMO TASHKENT". Offers you a wide range of natural stones (granite, marble, onyx) of the highest quality of the Indian company MAHADEV MARMO Pvl Ltd (INDIA). Project: A corporate Website for showcasing the product catolog of the company. The main objective of the resource is to ensure the quality presence of Mahadev [...]