CIS for vehicles – Road Inspectorate


Client / Customer: Ministry of Informatization and Communication Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Project Description: Development of the technical specification of the information system. A sistem to be developed as a component of the Electronic Government of Uzbekistan. Completed tasks: System analysis of customer needs and business processes. Development of the technical task, technical [...]

ERP for Uzbek Transportation Agency


Client / customer: Uzbek Agency for Automobile and River Transport (Uzbekistan). Project Description: Cloud ERP application consisting of 9 modules - Licensing, Certification, Tenders, River Register, Passportation of bus stations, Foreign economic permits to carriers, Human Resources Department, Integration (Accounting, Bank, Customs, Insurance company and other departments), Applicant's Account. Completed tasks: Detailed development of project [...]

Expert Conclusion on a Proposed Software Development Solution


Customer/Client: Uzbek Invest National Company for Export And Import Insurance Project: Evaluation of the correspondence between the functional and non-functional parameters of the specialized software solution "KIIS Uzbekinvest" to the requirements established in the Project's Technical Specifications, as well as the requirements for the software of state and economic management bodies, as well as the [...]